About Arizona Author, Jane St. Clair

Jane St Clair’s Biography

Jane St. Clair grew up in Chicago and worked her way through Northwestern University as a factory welder, beauty shop attendant, commercial sign maker, cocktail waitress and more. After earning a journalism degree, she worked in Chicago’s ghettos as a welfare caseworker. Later she was on the staffs of “Sesame Street” in New York City and Channel 11/PBS-TV in Chicago, and as a newspaper reporter/photographer for the Louisville-Courier Journal and weekly papers in rural Indiana and Appalachian Kentucky.

Jane St. Clair’s father, mother, and sister all died of cancer in hospice settings.  Sitting with hospice nurses with family members sometimes for months or more, Jane saw for herself what she depicts in her suspense novel, Walk Me to Midnight. Walk Me to Midnight is dedicated to hospice nurses and takes up the challenge of the assisted suicide controversy. Jane serves on the board of directors of Hospice Patients Alliance, a consumer advocacy group for hospice patients and their families.

Jane St. Clair’s short stories appear literary magazines such as Thema, QWF, and Red Rock Review and several literary anthologies, including Times of Grace, Times of Sorrow published by the University of Nebraska and Mourning Sickness from Omni Press. She is the 2007 winner of the True Life Story contest, 2006 first place winner of The Writers Network contest, American Accolades (first place), Hollywood’s Next Success, and 2005 winner in television writing for Scriptapalooza. She has also published over 50 stories for children and 21 children’s books. Walk Me to Midnight is her first novel, a book that takes a strong stand against assisted suicide. It has ranked in the top 100 in Christian mystery books for many months.

Jane St Clair As A Non-Fiction Writer

Jane St Clair has been a free-lance writer for over five years, writing hundreds of web articles on a variety of topics.  She published two full-length non-fiction books on psychology and etiquette and e-books on subjects like MySpace, How to Find A Lost Cat, A Guide to Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Charm and Beauty Guide for Teens, and many more.   Jane St. Clair has also written press releases, advertisements, and political speeches and covered national conventions. Her series on financial literacy, “The Money Express,” won several national awards and received more than a million “hits” on the Internet.  Visit her blog at