WALK ME TO MIDNIGHT … a new suspense medical thriller about assisted suicide.

In the hot new genre of social controversy mixed with suspense!

Bitsy Thatcher-Cole is a real American princess,  heiress to a vast fortune dating back to colonial America.

On the eve of her honeymoon, she commits suicide with the famous Dr. Death.

Her best friend, Dr. Susan Rutledge, just can’t believe it. As a psychologist, Susan knows she would have picked up on signs of Bitsy’s depression.

Bitsy’s other close friend, Billy Carolina, suspects something more sinister. The flamboyant crime writer famous for associating with beautiful celebrities now insists that Susan join him in a quest for truth even if it means their own lives are in danger.

It’s a deadly game against a player who’s brilliant and driven, the Nobel-nominated doctor that the world adores.

Their investigative trail leads them into the strange worlds of hippie New Age culture in mystical Sedona, snake farming on the Sonoran desert in Mexico, cowboy ranch life in America’s West, and celebrity high life in the nightclubs of New York.

What happens when the whole world thinks you’re wrong?

What happens when you’re running for your life — from a doctor that everyone thinks is saving humanity?

And finally …… How fast can you run when time is running out?

As current as tomorrow’s newspaper, Walk Me to Midnight is a chilling page-turner guaranteed to keep you reading right up to its horrifying conclusion.

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